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Walk and Experience FAQ's

Walk Support
Independence & Challenge Ratings

Disabled accessible wheeled and walking route categories

We assess our walking routes for a range of abilities, requirements, and challenges.

Independence and challenge rating

There are many variants and levels of abilities for gauging suitable routes. So it is important to provide a range of walks for different levels of need.

Level 1 GREEN

  • The safest and easily accessible of routes. 
  • Minimal incline or uneven terrain. 
  • Provision of comprehensive mobility equipment including Changing Places Toilet or Disabled Access Toilet
  • Participants may have complex medical or mobility needs 
  • Participants may require urgent attention and an escape route to get to a safe place or vehicle in emergency
  • Suitable mobility equipment would be required. 
  • Regular seating opportunities may be available on site - if not, then we recommend walking frames or rollators with incorporated seating  

Level 2 BLUE

  • Intermediate walks for mobility scooter or wheelchair users 
  • Suitable for confident visually impaired people
  • Some guidance navigating occasional tricky terrain.

Level 3 RED

  • For experienced mobility scooter users with suitable all terrain vehicles 
  • Steeper inclines and challenging uneven surfaces. 
  • People independent enough to offload equipment and require minimal assistance unless an emergency arises. 
  • These may include ambulatory participants or non ambulatory.
  • Toilet transfer and changing requirements may vary. 
  • Suitable for people whose disabilities do not affect their mobility
Risk Assessments

Our walks are Risk Assessed by the Walk Leader. We also continue to assess throughout the duration of the session.

We have a Covid19 Risk Assessment in line with current UK Government recommendations and guidelines

All risk assessments are available to see during each session.

For your safety, please read the guidance notes below for Walk Preparation, Hidden Disabilities and Wheeled User Guides.

What to bring?
Walk Equipment / Clothing

Walking Essentials Checklist

Due to the unpredictable British Weather, please bring suitable clothing to keep you warm or cool

Walking Clothing 

  • Waterproof Jacket in case of downpour
  • Layers of clothing for changeable temperatures
  • Water Proof Overtrousers or poncho (in case of a downpour)
  • Hats and Gloves
  • Walking Footwear
  • Comfortable Walking boots or Sturdy Shoes Warm socks in Winter

What to Carry in your Rucksack

The art of being prepared isn't just in what you wear, it's what you take with you to be ready for every eventuality. You should always pack for changeable weather.

  • Mobile Phone (Fully charged)
  • Suncream (Even if it doesn't look that sunny, UV rays can still get through)
  • Sunglasses 
  • A Bottle of Water (Keep yourself hydrated)
  • Flask of Hot Drink (A great idea for cold walks)
  • High Energy Snacks (Flapjack, Kendal Mint Cake offer a release of energy when tired)
  • Any Necessary Medication (With spares)
  • Emergency Contact Details (If the worst happens and you can't communicate, it's a good idea to have this info on your person for rescuers)

Optional Extras

Optional extras that can help aid your comfort when out hiking

  • Walking Poles (Help take some of the pressure off your knees when walking)
  • Camera (Full batteries and with space on Memory Card)
  • Sit Mat
Physical Accessibility (Mobility)
Wheeled User Information

All of our walks and experiences have been road tested by Disabled Nature Hikers.

One of our main criteria's in assessing suitability, is to ensure there is a safe parking facility. Where mobility equipment can be offloaded with plenty of room, and not just on a roadside. Or for those with Blue Badges to park safely and with ease. 

Please note: we cannot guarantee parking availbility in public carparks during peak times. Although most of our walks will have ample spaces.

We appreciate the fluctuations in chronic and hidden illnesses. And offer bespoke experiences to ensure our participants are comfortable and can rest whenever needed with our Support Walkers. We adapt the pace to the groups abilities. 

We can offer help with mobility aids and offer Mobility Scooter hire if needed through Folkestone Mobility.

If your organisation require transport hire and are local to Folkestone then Touchbase Care hire their minibus with space for 2 wheelchairs.

Mobility Scooter Checklist

Our experienced team offers support to help you to familiarise with riding your mobility scooter in all terrain conditions whilst enjoying and connecting with the countryside.

When participating in Nature trails, please take note of the following:

  • Ensure you have a fully charged battery.
  • Follow the recommendations for charging your battery to optimise it's effectiveness.
  • Take out Mobility Scooter Insurance if you are concerned that you may have issues with your Scooter.
  • [DISCLAIMER] We do not have breakdown cover for Mobility Scooters on our sessions. Wild With Wheels holds no responsibility for your use of Mobility Equipment.
  • We recommend that your Scooter is maintained and serviced at regular intervals to ensure your safety and keep optimal performance capability.
  • Join a session which matches your physical capacity as well as experience.
  • Please advise if you need any support on arrival to assist with offloading equipment via hoist or ramp. PLEASE NOTE: Our Support Walkers do not have lifting equipment so are unable to manually lift heavy parts of more than 10kg.
  • We provide a Mobility Pack for each Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter to provide an inclusive experience whilst seated. These contain a folded reacher, magnifying glass, waterproof clipboard, poncho incase of adverse weather. 
  • In larger groups we also provide a tour guide listening device so that all participants are able to hear the Group Leader.

Useful Contacts Blue Badge Mobility Insurance No 7 Ridgeway Office Park Bedford Road Petersfield Hampshire GU32 3QF Tel: (01730) 233101 Email: [email protected] electricwheelchair-insurance Fish Insurance 12 Sceptre Court Sceptre Way Bamber Bridge Preston PR5 6AW Tel: 0333 331 3770 Motability Tel: 0300 456 4566

Autohome Assistance Membership Department & Customers Services Tel: (01604) 640900 Email: [email protected] Chartwell Insurance Chartwell Insurance Services East Winch Hall East Winch King’s Lynn Norfolk PE32 1HN Tel: 0330 123 1029

Breakdown services which offer cover for Mobility Scooters (we are not affiliated with) Autohome 

Inclusive Interactive Experiences FAQ's

Interactive and Inclusive Guided Walks

Wild with Wheels bring connections to the landscape through interacting with nature.  

We explore visuals and sound with colour, smell and touch with our available senses.  

We use our surroundings creatively which offers inspiration. This leads to time to be still and listen to tales of inclusion and folk tales relating to the journey. 

We share the beauty of the seasons, the changes of weather, climate and light.. All of this whilst being in the fresh air of the outdoors which ultimately brings positivity to our wellbeing.

Our accessible routes are carefully chosen to provide safe parking for disembarking as well as having public access toilet facilities close by.  

Some routes also provide local amenities such as a cafe, bar / restaurant, or local produce.

Our guided walks are fully supported, so we take into account the ratio of needs, we can cater for 1:1 or 2:1 for high needs participants, all the way through to those with more independence.

Our Community Engagement team discuss all elements in the booking process to ensure that the group will arrive fully prepared for the forthcoming activities. We can cater for all scenarios of what the English Weather holds for us, and adapt accordingly. So we can all still continue with the guided walk and have a pleasant experience outdoors.

Extreme weather which is treacherous and makes it unsafe High Winds, Lightning, and Heavy Snow will mean regrettable postponement and the group will be rebooked at the nearest convenient slot.

As a fully funded project, we will be evaluating with anonymous case studies to show the benefits of each guided walk. We also will be taking recordings both visual and audio. These are carefully taken to avoid identifying individuals when sharing through media channels. Full consent will be required for photographic release. We encourage participants to take and share their own photography too with us if they so wish.

All participants are offered a colour coded lanyard to wear, which identifies their preferences for communication with unfamiliar members of the group and also for displaying if they are medically vulnerable and shielding, and would request others to remain socially distanced from them. There is also a whistle attached to attract attention if needed.

Each session is best booked to focus on a group of similar needs, although our key factor is inclusion, so no person or support animal or equipment is excluded.

Our facilitators are DBS checked and have training in safeguarding. We also have First Aiders, and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance and routes are risk assessed.

Nature, Sense of Place Walk Leader

  • With Gini Mitchell (Mobility in the Wild)

Gini guides the walk on her Mobility Scooter, leading the group on a journey of exploration, connection and inclusion.

Being disabled, Gini is able to easily identify the restrictions, barriers and needs of participants from all physical, emotional, cognitive and sensory differences.

She has ensured that through careful planning, the participants will be able to interact and connect with their natural surroundings, gain appreciation of the native wildlife as well as learning about historical and geographical interests in the landscape.

She encourages use of mobility aids to be able to enjoy the countryside independently.

Creative Arts and Media (Audio and Visual)

  • With Miranda Gavin (Nature Arts Educator)

Miranda is our Arts and creative media facilitator. She will introduce new angles of exploring the world through photography and other audio and visual elements.

She brings inclusive and supportive tuition to participants.

Artistic learning experiences can improve people’s receptiveness and ability to enjoy and connect with the natural environment. Miranda provides support to people with disabilities to experience nature in the wild while championing accessibility and inclusion through providing high-quality arts-based activities. Some examples using photography will be creating images using pinhole cameras, Solargraphs and Sunprints.

The activities are designed to be accessible, sustainable, and adaptable depending on individual needs, abilities, and motivation, as well as on environmental conditions such as the weather.

Story Telling and Audio Narration for Sight Impairments and Vision Loss

  • With Karen Hart

Karen shares nature based stories and interactive creative storytelling. She connects us to cultural elements of the landscape and our neighbours. Folk tales share insights into a deeper world of our ancestors' connection with plants, the land and to each other. She incorporates props and tools to help to embed the message within the stories.

Karen sets a relaxed storytelling environment, which can be unconventional. The audience has been known to listen whilst sat comfortably in a nearby tree and participants are free to carry on with any activities or crafts they are immersed in during storytime. Any participants are welcome to join in with telling their own story or read alongside her.

She also assists those with Sight Impairments to view the surrounding landscape within their own imagination, as she gives detailed audio description of the world which those blessed with sight can see. is a calming influence and will naturally assist anyone struggling physically, mentally or emotionally along the route.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations and Postponement

We understand unforeseen circumstances can affect attendance.

Adverse Weather - We will need to cancel in high winds, treacherous conditions or very high temperatures.

However we will still endeavour to hold the session during all other elements of our unpredictable British weather.  

We do have access to provide suitable weather protection, as Ponchos and some waterproofs.

There is no such thing as the wrong weather.. just the wrong clothing!

Health and Safety for 1:1 staff to participant ratio. - We would need to cancel or make alternative arrangements for safety purposes if we are unable to provide full support to 1:1 or 2:1 requirements.

Digital Accessibility
Web Digital Access

Please note: This website does not yet include an accessibility system or plugin.


Website Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the website. We are looking to ensure that this website is as easy to use for as many people as possible.

For example, that means you would be able to:

  • zoom in up to 300% without the text and images spilling off the screen;
  • change contrast levels, colours and fonts;
  • navigate most of the website using just a keyboard;
  • navigate most of the website using speech recognition software;
  • listen to most of the website using a screen reader;
  • stop blinking and flashing of moving elements

We also aim to make the website text as simple as possible to understand.

AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.

AbilityNet - my computer my way

How Accessible this Website is

We know some parts of this website are not fully accessible:

- you cannot modify the line height or spacing of text;
- there are no PDF documents linked to on this website may not be fully accessible to screen reader software;
- where possible video content is captioned but third party content may not.

Feedback and Contact Information

If you need information on this website in a different format like accessible PDF, large print, easy read, audio recording or braille please contact us.

We can be contacted by email. If you are emailing outside of these hours, please leave your contact information and we w
If we cannot provide the format you need immediately, we’ll get back to you within 7 days.

Reporting Accessibility Problems with this Website

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems not listed on this page or think we’re not meeting accessibility requirements, contact us.

Non-accessible Content

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Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was prepared 24 2022.

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